The Central de Outdoor is preparing a tool that will monitor the visibility in two ways: by the flow of people based on real numbers and by probabilistic average.

The first one informs the exact number of people who pass through the point where the panel is installed. This provides media companies and advertisers with a secure numerical margin to measure the exposure of the location for their campaign display. It works by means of a sensor installed on the advertising panel. This device captures the WiFi signal emitted by the smartphones in the vicinity by registering the Mac Address of the mobile phones. This tool enables a multitude of readings and crossings through media reports such as flow habits, recurrence, peak periods, among many others. A discreet device installed in the device monitors the piece 24 hours a day without, however, obstructing the public's view of the campaign.

The second, in a probabilistic way, concentrates information that makes up the largest database of visibility impacts of the Out Of Home media of the country. With an exclusive measurement methodology, it was developed at the end of 2012 and had its methodology approved by the main marketing, communication and media professionals in Brazil.